Friday, July 18, 2014

'Petite Pearl Fairy' Heuchera: Featured Plant of The Day

Heuchera 'Petite Pearl Fairy'
    Alumroot,  Coral Bells

Type    Perennial
Hardy range    4A to 9A
Height    2" to 3" / 5cm to 8cm
Spread    10" to 12" / 25cm to 30cm
Growth rate    Average
Form    Rounded
Exposure    Full sun
Persistence    Evergreen

Bloom Color    Pink
Bloom Time    Summer

The flowers are suitable for cut flowers.

This plant tolerates some drought.
This plant will grow in moist soil.
Suitable soil is well-drained/loamy.
The pH preference is  a neutral soil.

Leaf Color    Green and silvery
This plant has attractive foliage.

Culture Notes
These herbaceous, evergreen, perennial herbs are increasing in popularity due to the fact that newer varieties of Heucheras offer taller and larger flowers, ruffled foliage and increased hardiness to heat, humidity and cold.  Heucheras are already valued for their lovely, varied foliage and striking, bell-shaped  flowers in various colors.  Their stalks spike up from the center of the plant and vary in height.

When planting, make sure crowns are just above the soil level.  Keep plants moist, but well-drained, and mulch before the onset of cold weather.   It's highly unlikely that Heucheras will survive in clay.   In the South, Heucheras do best if planted in partial shade; if grown in cooler climates, the plant flowers longer if spent blossoms are removed.  Many Heucheras will attract both hummingbirds and bees.

'Petite Pearl Fairy' is a miniature Heuchera, growing only about 3" tall.  It looks wonderful in pots and rock gardens, as its small pink flowers emerge from its darker foliage.