Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Featured Plant of The Day: 'Klaus Jelitto' Stoke's Aster

Stokesia laevis 'Klaus Jelitto'
syn. Stokesia cyanea 
Omega Skyrocket Stoke's Aster,  Stoke

Type    Perennial
Hardy range    5A to 9A
Height    12" to 18" / 30cm to 45cm
Spread    16" to 18" / 40cm to 45cm
Growth rate    Average
Form    Rounded
Exposure    Partial shade or partial sun to full sun
Persistence    Evergreen

Bloom Color    Lavender
Bloom Time    Summer and Fall

The flowers are suitable for cut flowers and suitable for dried flowers.

This plant will grow in dry to moist soil.
Suitable soil is well-drained/loamy or sandy.
The pH preference is  a neutral soil.

Leaf Color    Green

 Landscape Uses
-    Container plantings
-    Border

Attributes and Features
-    Attracts butterflies

Culture Notes
The leaves of this plant are evergreen in warmer climates.  This plant can tolerate dry conditions and partial sun, but it prefers full sun and a well-drained sandy soil.  Mulch this plant in colder areas during the winter months.  In the spring, remove dead foliage only. Deadhead spent flowers after blooming, and fall cut back to basal foliage.  Propagate by seeds, root cuttings, and division in spring.  The lavender, daisy-like blossoms of 'Klaus Jelitto' are somewhat larger than the species.