Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Good Morning Village!!
As you all may know, we have several leaks through our property from the underground water system that goes out to our paddocks. Our water bill was over $750.00 for two months. This weekend we, Sharon Zuk, Richard Zuk, Glenn Franzoi and I attempted to cap the pipe on the side of the barn that ran that way, leaving no water going to the house. So that left us looking for some way to dig a trench through the turnout pen to the house.
We posted a request that if anyone knew anyone with a ditch witch, we could use the help, I reach out to High School friend, Tim Worrell, who owns Beechwood Landscape Architecture and Construction. I explained our little problem and he said that he can help. They will be here on Friday to dig our trench.
Please go to Beechwood's page and like them. If you need any work done, contact Tim at Beechwood. He helped our Village!!
IT TAKES A VILLAGE!! Hug those hounds - Li
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