Monday, August 4, 2014

'Marshal's Delight' Bee Balm: Featured Plant of The Day

Monarda didyma 'Marshal's Delight'  syn. Monarda coccinea
    Bee Balm,  Bergamot,  Horsemint,  Oswego Tea

Type    Perennial
Hardy range    4A to 9A
Height    36" to 4' / 90cm to 1.20m
Spread    24" to 36" / 60cm to 90cm
Growth rate    Fast
Form    Upright or erect
Exposure    Partial shade or partial sun to full sun

Bloom Color    Pink
Bloom Time    Summer

The flowers are showy, suitable for cut flowers and suitable for dried flowers.

This plant tolerates occasional wetness.
This plant will grow in moist soil.
Suitable soil is well-drained/loamy.
The pH preference is  a neutral soil.

Leaf Color    Green
This plant has fragrant foliage.

Landscape Uses
-    Border
-    Massing

Attributes and Features
-    Naturalizing
-    Attracts birds
-    Attracts butterflies

Culture Notes
As one might guess from the name, Bee Balm attracts both bees and hummingbirds.  Its fragrant leaves are used to make tea and in potpourri mixtures.  It has a tendency to become invasive, so division is necessary every few years.  In the spring, remove dead foliage only.  Deadhead spent flowers after blooming and, in the fall, cut back to 6".    The flower heads of 'Marshal's Delight' are tighter than most in the species, and it appears to be mildew resistant.  Plants serve as butterfly nectar sources.